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Covid Protocol

To the St. James family and visitors, due to the decreasing number of COVID cases in our area, it's in the best interest and safety of our Christian family that we adjust the safety measures put in place when visiting our church home. Any questions or concerns are always welcome and will be addressed in person, text, or via email. 


Thank you and have a blessed day.

St. James A.M.E. Health Ministry

The ABC's for a Successful Hybrid Service



Adhere to mask optional guidelines


Be aware of your social distance of 3ft



Check for symptoms at home.

Please do...

Wear your mask, as an option

Be asymptomatic

Enjoy the service!

Upon Entering...

Please allow our ushers to seat you when entering the sanctuary.

Next steps...

If you answer YES to any of these questions, we ask that you visit St. James when you are at least 48 hours clear of the symptoms. Our concern is to keep our attendees as safe as possible.

1. You've cared for or are in contact with a Covid positive person.

2. In past 24 hours you've had...

  *fever of unknown origin

  *loss of taste or smell

  *flu-like symptoms (COUGH, RUNNY NOSE, FATIGUE, CHILLS)

  *gastrointestinal (stomach) problems for no reason.

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