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Administrative Ministries 

Official Board
Rev. Dr. Baron D. Young

The Official Board is the administrative body of the church. It is composed of all persons who have any leadership responsibility for the day-by-day work of the church, i.e., stewards, trustees, stewardesses and presidents of all organizations: class leaders, exhorters, deaconesses, and other officers of the church. The pastor serves as chairperson ex-officio of the official board as it governs the daily operation of the church.


The Official Board meets every 4th Monday after the 4th Sunday of the month at 6:30pm.

Steward Board

Members of the Steward Board are nominated by the Pastor, and are confirmed or rejected by the Quarterly Conference. Each member serves for a term of one year, and may be nominated annually.


The Steward Board is responsible for making an account of all money or provisions collected for the support of the pastor; negotiating the pastor’s salary; serving the distressed and needy; making reports of all expenditures of the church; registering all baptisms, marriages and deaths within the congregation; providing the implements and elements for Holy Communion; providing advice to the Quarterly Conference in church planning, when asked to do so; and making disbursements to the church.


Steward Board meetings are held every 2nd Monday after the 1st Sunday of each month at 6:30pm.

Steward Board Commissions

Stewardship & Finance

Provides financial management of Church funding, promoting and cultivating financial stewardship in accordance with applicable biblical principles and business practices.

Contact: Sis. Carolyn Wilkerson & Sis. Shirley Murry


Membership, Evangelism, & Discipleship

Ensures that all required AME membership documentation is maintained and reported in accordance with the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church, and provides for the delivery of member services. Ensures that evangelistic activities and pertinent Church communications are reaching the general public.

Contact: Sis. Rosiland Brown, Bro. James Clark &

Bro. Thomas Epps

Christian Education

Ensures that programs and activities are offered which enable members to live out their faith.

Contact: Sis. Sharon Staten

Music & Worship

Ensures that personnel are available and services are offered to encourage persons to surrender their lives and commit their service to Christ.

Contact: Sis. Wynona Hilton-Stanley

Mission & Social Action

Ensures that activities and resources are available to meet the needs of those who are experiencing social and spiritual dysfunction.

Contact: Bro. John Cooper & Sis. Paulette Dennis-Kirksey

Trustee Board
Bro. William Pierce

Members of the Trustee Board are nominated by the Pastor and elected by the Church Conference, using a secret ballot.


The Trustee Board is responsible for managing all temporal concerns of the church.  It makes improvements upon the church property or real estate; purchases or rents a house for the pastor’s family and furnishes it; and pays the moving expenses of the pastor and his/her family from their previous assignment.


Trustee Board meetings are held every 3rd Monday after the 1st Sunday of each month at 6:30pm.

Trustee Aide
Sis. Kathleen Carter

The Trustee Aide Ministry provides assistance to the trustees as they manage all the temporal concerns of the church not otherwise provided for.  This includes the guarding of all real property obtained by the local church and making improvements upon said property.

Community Development Ministry
Rev. Dr. Baron D. Young

The Community Development Ministry is the liaison to the community; attending community meetings to obtain financial and investment information and opportunities that may benefit the church body.

If you would like to join a ministry, please feel free to attend the next upcoming meeting. 

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