THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Parenting has many responsibilities. Among them is bearing, caring, and providing. God performs all these and more. (Is.46:3-4) Are you acknowledging God for such?

PRAYER: Dear God, I acknowledge you as my heavenly Father and I praise you for Your lovingkindness. Amen


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THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Each life offers its own valedictory address. (2Tim. 4: 6-8) If so, what are you contributing to yours each day? PRAYER: Dear God, I know my life matters to you, help me make it co

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: God, among many things, is our spiritual lifeguard. (2 Sam. 22:17-20) In what ways has God proven this to you again and again? PRAYER: Dear God, help me show You my appreciation m

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: There is a system of relationships in this creation that require our care. (Gen. 2.15 and Ps. 24:1) We are accountable for tending to all of them. Did you know this? PRAYER: Dear

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