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Christian Education Ministries 

Church School
Sis. Sharon Staten

Church School teaches, trains, and nurtures members of all ages in God’s written word, preparing them for Christian service, by emphasizing Christian principles.


Classes are available for all ages, starting at two years of age. Church School convenes every Sunday at 9:30am.

Adult Bible Study
Rev. Dr. Baron D. Young

Adult Bible Study trains adults in biblical knowledge, spiritual and theological responses to real life issues in an effort to develop Christian faith, ease the stress of daily living and to assist them in their spiritual/Christian maturation through the inspiration, understanding, and application of biblical principles.


Adult Bible Study meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, a Woman’s Bible Study and a Men’s Bible Study class is convened in place of the regular adult bible study class.  

Religious Education Ministry
Rev. Pamela Christian, Rev. Sekou Brown & Bro. Charles Flowe

The Religious Education Ministry organizes and implements Christian training programs for all ages in an effort to grow the congregation in Christian knowledge and service.

Possibly one of the most visible efforts in our Christian training is our Church School. At this time, we have age level Church School classes that reach the Adult Class, also. One of our most successful endeavors continually has been our Vacation Bible School program which usually takes place during the summer period. Our numbers easily reach over the 100 number, youth and adults. Another endeavor is Youth Sunday. As much as possible on this Sunday the youth are the participants at every level of the morning worship service that is admissible. The Youth Choir takes part also. Additionally there are activities such as day trips on holidays or during summer vacation that give small groups of young people the opportunity to represent the church.

Minister to Women
Rev. Pamela Christian

As Minister to Women, Reverend Pamela Christian endeavors to empower them to become effective Disciples of Christ. In this capacity, she serves as Spiritual Advisor to both the Women’s Season and the Daughters of Sarah ministries.

Women’s Bible Study: 

Women’s Bible study is held once a month every 3rd Wednesday unless a revival, or special event is scheduled. Women’s Bible studies are often theme generated. Currently we are studying women of the Bible. There is a calendar (curriculum) of study topics enabling participants to prepare for each months study. Rev. Christian is accountable for leading this Bible study and assisting in developing leadership in St James women, ergo women who participate regularly are encouraged to volunteer to lead a women’s bible study session.

Minister to Men
Bro. Charles Flowe

Bro. Charles Flowe serves as Minister to Men at St. James. In this capacity he equips men and young men with a Kingdom mindset by supporting their spiritual, emotional and social needs. 

Men's Bible study is held once a month every 3rd Wednesday unless a revival, or special event is scheduled. Men’s Bible study is also based on a chosen text, where the theme reflects the reading for that month. 

Minister to Youth
Rev. L. Sekou Brown

Rev. L. Sekou Brown serves as Minister to Youth at St. James with Sis. Lynette Venson as the Chairperson, preceding over the St. James AME Youth Council. The Youth Council functions as the umbrella organization for all youth-related auxiliaries and ministries. It has three objectives: Improving the communication between youth groups, improving preparation for and conducting youth events, and advocating Youth and Young Adult’s concerns to the Official Board.  

The Youth Council’s monthly meeting include upcoming events by youth groups, any events requiring planning and/or funding and any issues or concerns from youth leaders, parents and young people.

Officers of Youth Council:

President ex-officio: Rev. Dr. Baron D. Young

Minister: Rev. L. Sekou Brown

Chairperson: Lynette Venson

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Sis. Sharon Staten

If you would like to join a ministry, please feel free to attend the next upcoming meeting. 

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